Film, Video and Sound

Here are samples of transfers I have made from films, video and sound recordings..


Click on the link below to view samples.

A Busload of Picnicers 1977

Super 8mm film. Left side original, right side corrected

Wirrimbirra 1962

Historical Standard 8mm film. Showing early origins of setting up of the sanctuary.

Emma in split screen

A sample of a copy from a VHS tape of the movie Emma, the left side is a no frills Basic copy, the right side is my Premium standard copy.

Please note, the video playing here has been reduced in size so it will play more easily online and is not as high quality as the original. If you pause the playback though you may see the difference between the two halves more easily.

Vinyl Record Clean

A before and after sample of cleaning up the sound from a 7" 45 rpm vinyl record.

Restored Photographs

Samples of transferred photographs in original and restored versions...

Original prints as copied

and as restored

church 01 original church 01  restored
church 02 original church 02 restored
family 01 original family 01 restored
house 02 original house 02 restored

35mm slides as copied

and restored

group 01 original group 01 restored
house 01 original house 01 restored